Most frequent questions and answers

From October 6th you will be able to run with us on the first Saturday of every month in one of the iconic Dubai Parks. Just look on the upcoming events page to see where we will be for the next Saturday event. Don’t forget to tell us you are coming by simply entering your registered email address.

Registration is really easy! Please simply click the ‘REGISTER’ button at the top right corner of any page and go through the registration process. It’s FREE to register and a whole lot of fun on the day to come and run with us.

Once registered you can then access your member area. Here you will be given a unique code which you must arrive to the event with either printed out or on your mobile (we recommend printing as different models of phones yield different results with the scanners). When you cross the finish line you then scan your unique code and this will secure your time.

Our Fun Run is open to everyone from all ages and all abilities. We welcome all to come and participate in the fun run and encourage you to come and try it once or every event!

Yes it really is!

Very easily! If your child has a email address then you can register them individually or of you choose you can add them to your account. To register individually then just go through the normal registration process. To add to your account then head to  your member area and then in the dashboard menu simply click the ‘Add a child’ link on the left and then follow the instructions. The child will then be added to your account.